Logo in blue and white with a water drip. Text says "Westcountry reflections Quality Window cleaning"
Westcountry Reflections Ltd
60 West Street, Bridport, DT6 3QP
T: 0777 3203155 | E: info@westcountryreflections.co.uk

The rendered whiteish wall of a multi-story building is shown with ladders, hoses and powerwasher. To the top left, the wall has been cleaned whilst the rest of the wall is tinged green with algal growth
High pressure cleaning is fine for those 'one off' jobs but regular maintenance requires a softer approach ...
For that we use low pressure cleaning as it's kinder to the surfaces ... regular pressure washing can lead to opening up the pours of man made slabs to such a degree that the algae is no longer living 'on top' of the slab but tattooed into the structure itself.
We will often use pressure washing for the first clean but then prefer to maintain a surface (be that roof, walls or floor) with chemicals that reactivate when it rains leading to a much longer protection from regrowth.
As professionals we hold specialised insurance for the use of all the products we provide.

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