Logo in blue and white with a water drip. Text says "Westcountry reflections Quality Window cleaning"
Westcountry Reflections Ltd
60 West Street, Bridport, DT6 3QP
T: 0777 3203155 | E: info@westcountryreflections.co.uk

The underside of two white gutters at rightangles are shown against a blue sky with a cloud and vapourtrail. The gutter on the left is clean whilst the one at the bottom has dark marks from algal growth
We empty gutters out the old fashioned way ... by going up a ladder ... you just can't see what's in them from the ground!
When we're back on terra firma we use our deionised water, fed through poles, to wipe them down ... it's easy to see the difference between these two properties, one we look after (the gutter to the left) and one we don't (the gutter at the bottom) ...
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